LET IT DRIP studios
Multi-layered Abstract Examinations of Color, Form, and Texture
Artist Statement
Let It Drip — the name that I use for my studio, website, and work — is a nod to Jackson Pollack's defining style. Like Pollack, my work emphasizes paintings as “events” and not simply a picture or interpretation of something else­ —­ the painting is its own subject.  However, instead of dripping the paint onto the canvas to Pollack’s signature effect, my paintings are formed when the paint drips off the canvas.

I incorporate water, clear medium, paint, fluid acrylics, and ink, using a palette knife to enhance and affect lines, forms, and texture. The organic nature of this process establishes paths of motion that I then manipulate to give the paintings life.  

My movements during the process can be frenetic and spontaneous at times and slow and deliberate at others. Each painting is developed layer by layer, over several weeks. The result is streams of carefully chosen color combinations with dynamic fluidity and rich textures

Meaning is left to the viewer. My intent as the artist is removed to allow the narrative to reside in one’s own interpretation. 

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