LET IT DRIP studios

My work emphasizes paintings as “events.” I incorporate

acrylics, medium, water and ink to form a sea of layered color,

free to drip off the canvas, and use palette knives to enhance

the effect. Meaning is left to personal interpretation.

Nick Skally

"For acrylic painter Nicholas Skally, art isn't about recreating an image that already exists. It's about adding layer upon layer of colors to crea te something unique and new. His canvases are covered with thick slabs of paint, overlapping and dripping into swirls and bursts of blue, red, pink, gold and green, emulating abstract designs that can look like a flower, the sea or nothing but a carefully sculpted barrage of color. ” By: Lacey Korevec , Staff Writer, Cranbury Press

" The Gourgaud Gallery is very pleased to exhibit the works of artist Nick Skally. His work brings a unique and exciting approach to abstract painting with layers of color in combination with tremendous texture,” stated Amy Amico, Gourgaud Gallery Chairperson. “The art engages the viewer on multiple levels because of the depth and complexity in each piece."

"The plethora of textures he assembles attracts the eye, and the combination of colors sooth the mind,” commented James McManaman, owner of Absolute A bstract Gallery in Philadelphia. “Nicholas’ work has been a hit in our Gallery on 13th Street."


Multi-layered Abstract Examinations of Color, Form, and Texture
SEA CHANGE - Acrylic 24'x36'

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